Awaken Mindfulness Program for Pregnancy

Mindfulness experts and certified nutritionists have created India’s first integrated program to support you throughout your pregnancy. You can now have a healthier body and happier mind for you and your baby through:

  • Audio/Video based support from a Mindfulness Coach and a Certified Nutritionist
  • Guided pregnancy-meditation tracks on a mobile app
  • Music for the baby that you could listen anytime from the mobile app

It has been proven that excessive cortisol negatively impacts the baby-development inside the womb. Mindfulness meditation is an ancient Indian methodology discovered by Gautam Buddha to manage stress-induced cortisol in the body & placenta. Further, while many Mums-to-be are aware of nutritional needs, following it daily is cumbersome. Our program makes it convenient to practice Mindfulness, including Mindful-Diet, for healthy and happy pregnancy.

Meet the Experts

(Singer, Actor, Mindfulness Practioner)

Santhosh Babu
(Executive & Celebrity Coach, Mindfulness Expert)

Dr. Renu Wadhawan
(Senior Gynecologist, Expert in pregnancy)

Susama Ghosh Debnath
(Certified Nutritionist, Expert on life-style disorders)

The Program

“The only program where you could spend just 20 minutes per day to benefit from the integration of ancient Indian wisdom with modern medicine and get access to experts with deep knowledge in Pregnancy - all without stepping out of home!”

mind-body profile

nutrition plan and consultations

Meditation for
pregnancy, made simple through guided tracks

Music for
baby-brain, curated by child experts


“Powerful, simple and proven mindfulness practices to heal, nurture, nourish and empower yourself.”

Powerful and
proven technique

Short guided
Mindfulness tracks

Music proven for
fetal-brain development

Expert guidance
throughout the journey


“Make your pregnancy healthier through a simple , practical and highly personalised Mindful Nutrition program”

Nutritionist for every user

research for pregnancy situations

Custom built plan
based on lifestyle and needs

Consultation for
every meal of the day

Meera-Pregnant & Wise

“I discovered deeper love for myself during my pregnancy”

Meera, a modern and smart lawyer
joined the program for its benefits
complementary to routine ante-natel care.
Why did she choose us as a partner?

Awaken mind and
body connection

Reduce pregnancy
stress & anxiety

Simplify efforts
in nutrition

Feel happier and